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Central Sisters

A Farewell message from Diana Fink:

April 1, 1998 was my first day of employment here at Central, as the Part-time Coordinator of Women’s Ministries. Why the Lord called me to this position was beyond my imagination, but I submitted to His calling in my life and walked into the Women’s Ministries Office which was in the now “Summit” area and felt totally overwhelmed. I had been involved with the children’s ministry as a volunteer for 10 years and now I’m working with women.  Women! Do I even “like” them, I thought? Slowly but surely the Lord began a work in me and in this ministry.

After 18 years serving the most wonderful women in Wichita and working alongside those who have volunteered to serve in every capacity; teaching, mentoring, disciplining, speaking, singing, decorating, Market Square, communion clean-up, baptisms, not to mention the ministries within Central Sisters, it is time for me to, again, listen to God’s leading and retire as Director of Women’s Ministries as of June 30. How grateful I am that God saw something in me that I didn’t even know was there. He gave me gifts I didn’t know I had, He brought people into my life I didn’t know I needed, He blessed this ministry beyond my wildest imagination and He walked with me every step of every day. Oh how I love all the miracles, testimonies, experiences I’ve had in these past 18 years.  Thank each of you for walking this path with me!

Women?  Do I even “like” them? The answer to that is YES. I don’t just like you, I LOVE YOU! I will miss serving you and every part of this ministry.

It has been a privilege of mine to work with Lynn Eby for the past 5 years and I want to wish her all God’s blessings as she takes on the duties of Women’s Ministries starting July 1. You will love her warm, friendly and loving spirit.

Much love to you all,

Diana Fink
Women's Ministry Director