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Men's Groups

Check out these active Groups.

Radical Mentoring

Radical Mentoring is a men's ministry that deals with all

of life's challenges from a biblical perspective.

Check back next summer for more information about groups starting in 2017.

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Discipleship Curriculum

Men - If you’re looking for some “meat” in your spiritual diet, consider joining this year’s Discipleship Curriculum (DC) study!

Check next summer for classes beginning in Fall 2017.

DC is a 21-month program of Bible Study, Bible Reading, and Bible Memorization. The course offers a systematic walk through a set of topics, skills, and experiences that will encourage a man to be a more effective disciple of Christ— a program, rather than simply a set of good lessons, or a good Bible course.

Here are 2 recent DC Group Graduating Classes.


Men's Outdoor Ministry

Men's Outdoor Ministry

Whether you're a master woodsman or never baited a hook, you are invited to join our Men's Outdoors group! If you would like more information, see our dedicated web site for details. If you would like to join our email list and get notices of upcoming events, you can register here.

For a list of coming events, check out our calendar.

Gideon's Army Men's Prayer Group

Leader: Bob Rozzelle

When: Wednesday, 6:15-7:30 pm
Where: Central Christian Church Garden Prayer Room

Purpose: Prayer. Gideon's Army was small but used by God. Come join a small band of men as we worship & pray. All experience levels are welcome.

For additional information contact:
Email Bob Rozzelle or call 316.648.4404