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K3: Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Dear Parents:

March is frequently the month of spring break, but also storms and bad weather. Praying you all get to spend spring break in an enjoyable family time together and that we all stay safe.

This month's lessons are on forgiveness. We all nee it but do we all give it? It took me a really long time to realize I had to forgive some very hurtful things in order to have a full and productive life. Even God had earned my distrust in my mind. Please join me this month to help our kids see how forgiveness is life changing and will help them live better and gain more out of their involvement with God in the long run. More than anger, the ability to get even, or even winning the battle might. After all, if we don't receive forgiveness from Jesus, then we have chosen the punishment instead. Life eternal is oh so much better than death. This time of year many kids start asking questions about baptism. Pleas let me know if you want any input or if they are ready to plan their celebration. I am here for you.

Because Jesus Loves Us,

Vicki Ejibe
316.688.4400 Church
316.641.6614 Cell

K3 Weekend Info

Saturday Service 5:33 PM & Sunday Services 8:45, 10:00 & 11:30 am

K-3rd Grade
Central Court

5:33 ONLY (Kids K-5th Grade will attend praise and worship with their parents. After communion and offering they will be dismissed to the Central Kids' Leaders to go to their specific locations.) Sunday School Class