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K3: Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Dear Parents:

WOW! the month of Easter is here! I am so thankful God loves us and does not give us what we deserve, but instead His Love and grace and mercy! This month as we talk about Jesus giving His life for us, many of your children are going to ask about baptism, some of them are going to be confused about sin, and a few of them will be frightened when we talk about the death and resurrection. Please do not hesitate to ask if I can help you in any way to lead your child to a better understanding about what Jesus did for us. I am here for you!

The Summer Book came out and I hope your families have enough things to keep them safe and active. Thank you for allowing us to take part in the memory making days you have with your kids. We are honored to have your trust.

Because Jesus Loves Us,

Vicki Ejibe
316.688.4400 Church
316.641.6614 Cell

K3 Weekend Info

Saturday Service 5:33 PM & Sunday Services 8:45, 10:00 & 11:30 am

K-3rd Grade
Central Court

5:33 ONLY (Kids K-5th Grade will attend praise and worship with their parents. After communion and offering they will be dismissed to the Central Kids' Leaders to go to their specific locations.) Sunday School Class